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Ever Changing IndustryOnline marketing changes so fast that it’s a full-time job staying abreast of ever changing trends.

Wasted ResourcesEnsuring that your marketing campaigns are properly setup and maintained takes away from other company resources.

Return On InvestmentFor most businesses knowing that something is being taken care of has more value than the monetary cost associated.

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Content Marketing

Reach your audience today by engaging in pull based marketing?

Backlink Analysis

Having a clean, quality backlink profile can be the difference between success and a penalty.

SEO Audits

Having a solid foundation in seo will allow you to wtihstand current and future Google changes.

Paid Advertising

Turn on the traffic wheel overnight, and target visitors to your site for an affordable cost.

Social Strategy

Customer engagement is more important than ever when anyone with a voice can influence.

Web Design

Mobile adoption is growing faster than any other tech innovation in modern history.


Let's clear the air...


What is content marketing?

Traditionally most marketing has been push based and rooted in interrupting the target users whenever it was best for the advertiser. As consumers have gotten more accustomed to this push based marketing they have evolved into ad blind customers. Tuning out the various ads that are being pushed to them on daily basis. Content marketing is the complete opposite in which you position yourself as the informative authority so when your prospect does research on the products and services you offer, they will ideally find your content to guide them through the sales process.


Why should I use content marketing in my business?

The ability to create a piece of engaging, informative content that continues to generate leads and sales long after it has been produced and distributed shows the value in quality content. Many businesses who employ successful content marketing campaigns have seen their marketing budgets decrease and sales increase by multiples of 100 – 200% in gross revenues. Content marketing allows the organization to lower the costs of advertising overall and create brand loyalty amongst it’s target audience.


How much content do I have to produce?

Great Question!, but it has a lot to do with your target audience if your a consumer facing business then the need to post content on consistent basis will be key to creating an engaged audience. However if your organization focuses on selling to businesses then maybe one solid long form piece of content will suffice for your target demographic and be a frequency your potential customers can digest with their busy schedules. Content can come in a number of formats such as videos, free guides, motion graphic videos, info-graphics, long form articles, and presentations to name just a few.


Should my content be promotional in nature?

Yes and No, your first and utmost concern should be providing value to your target demographic and providing the answers to the most commonly asked questions in the industry. With today’s consumer being able to tell an advertisement from a mile away putting the user first and your company second will lead to more traction from content and audience engagement.


How much does content marketing cost?

Frankly and this is not some sales speak, it’s expensive. A medium sized content marketing campaign that includes 2 quality long form posts per week and one piece of premium content can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 per month. While this is expensive and rightly so, and it’s because this is some of the most effective marketing ever and is extremely cost effective for the top-of-mind industry leaders whose quality content is converting highly targeted users at high conversion rates. Another way to look at it is can you afford for your competition to be the authoritative thought leader in your industry?

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